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How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed via email, Facebook or Instagram. All orders require a non refundable deposit upon ordering. Please ensure you've ordered for the date you plan to collect as the date you give is when it'll be ready to collect.

Cakes with fresh flowers and cupcakes should be collected on the day that they are required to ensure they remain fresh.


How much notice do you need?

I recommend around 4-6 weeks notice for cakes and 2 weeks for other items. 

Cancelling your order!

If your order is cancelled with 2 or more weeks notice we allow your deposit to be transferred to a new booking providing nothing has been purchased specifically for your order.

Cancellations with less time will not be eligible for the deposit to be transferred.

Wedding cake deposits are non refundable or Transferable.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

I can create gluten, dairy, soya and egg free bakes as well as some vegan. However these are produced in a kitchen where wheat (gluten), dairy, soya, eggs and nuts are used so complete freedom cannot be guaranteed. Please ask before ordering.

Are your bakes suitable for nut allergy sufferers?

All my cakes and bakes are produced in a kitchen that handles nuts due to this I cannot guarantee any product to be nut free. 

Please ask before ordering.


Once an order has been collected or set up and delivered I am no longer responsible for any damages. Orders can be inspected upon collection, and I will always take photos of cakes that are set up and delivered without the customer present.


Do you offer delivery?

We currently only offer delivery on wedding cakes.


Collecting Your Order

All orders are to be collected from our shop within opening times on the date requested.


Transporting you cake

All orders travel best in your car boot or footwell as these are the flattest surfaces. I do not advise to travel with cakes on your seats or knees as this can cause damage. I am not responsible for any damages during transportation.

Cakes should be carried by the bottom of the box to prevent damage to the cakes sides. Please drive carefully, driving carelessly will cause damage to the cake


How should I store my order?

All orders should be placed in a cool place out of direct sunlight, buttercream cakes and brownies can be stored in the fridge but this is only necessary during warm weather or in warm environments. Buttercream cakes will melt if left in warm places or in direct sunlight.

How long will my bake keep for?

Cakes uncut that do not contain fruit stay fresh around 5 days from collection, once cut its best to eat within a couple of days. Cakes containing fruit should be eaten within 2 days of collection. Cupcakes are best eaten on the day of purchase and stay fresh around 2 days.

Brownies, Rocky Road and Cake Pots will all stay fresh for up to 1 week.

How far in advance should I book my wedding cake?

My wedding cake diary is currently open until the end of 2024. You are more than welcome to enquire further in advance than this, I operate a reservations list which your date can be added to. When bookings open you will get notified and first priority of the date. Please be aware being on the reservations list is not a guaranteed booking. All orders are only confirmed and your date reserved once a £50 deposit has been paid

Can I collect my wedding cake?

Yes, cakes 2 tiers or less can be collected. If you wish to do so please let me know upon ordering. I am not responsible for any damages to cakes once they have left including damages during transportation, please see above for information on transporting your cake. 


Do you offer wedding cake samples?

Yes, Wedding cake samples can be ordered via the "order online" section of our website for set dates throughout the year.

Please be aware we only do sponge cakes, we do not offer traditional fruit cakes.

When should I pay the final balance on my order?

The balance on your order can be paid anytime via invoice up to the day before collection/delivery, or I accept cash and card on collection. Wedding cake balances should be paid 2 weeks before your wedding date at the latest.




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